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Freitag, 11. Mai 2007, 05:36

CL 65 - "40th Anniversary" limited-edition model

New high-performance coupé also available as "40th Anniversary" limited-edition model
Not only is the CL 65 AMG high-performance coupé the new flagship model in the unique AMG range, in its "40th Anniversary" limited-edition guise it also marks a very special milestone: the performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group celebrates its 40th birthday in 2007.

Another dream car has joined the AMG model line-up in the form of the new CL 65 AMG. The powerful AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine familiar from the S 65 AMG and SL 65 AMG twelve-cylinder models delivers a truly impressive driving experience in the exclusive high-performance coupé. Its maximum output of 450 kW/612 hp and peak torque of 1000 Newton metres are reflected in its outstanding performance data: the CL 65 AMG attains 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and reaches the 200-km/h mark in 13.3 seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited). Standard features include AMG bodystyling, 20-inch AMG forged wheels, the unique AMG interior and highly advanced technology, such as the AMG sports suspension based on the Active Body Control system and the anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®. The AMG high-performance brake system with new twin sliding callipers offers maximum stopping power without fading. The market launch of the CL 65 AMG is due to commence in June 2007.

"40th Anniversary" edition with AMG Alubeam paint finish

In order to mark the 40th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG – the high-performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group – in suitably glittering style, the CL 65 AMG is also being offered as a "40th Anniversary" limited-edition model. A new type of paint finish reflects the special status of this exclusive version, which is restricted to just 40 vehicles for the whole world. This exceptional AMG coupé is the very first series-production Mercedes to feature AMG Alubeam, a unique paint finish which has previously only been seen on a handful of Mercedes show cars. A world first, this new process causes the paint to gleam like liquid metal. The colour, which seems to be stretched over the vehicle's body like a metallic skin, emphasises the compelling lines of the large Mercedes coupé more effectively than any other paint finish, while the light plays on them in a way calculated to produce an even more vivid look. This is made possible by the use of pigment particles which measure just 30 to 50 nanometres in size and can therefore be incorporated into the surface of the paint even more evenly. As a result, the light is reflected much more intensely and the lustre of the paintwork is enhanced. To put this into perspective, conventional paintwork pigments measure between 100 and 300 nanometres in size.

It goes without saying that AMG Alubeam also has a clear coat with enhanced scratch resistance which offers greater protection from environmental influences. The exclusiveness of this limited-edition model is highlighted by the use of a carbon-fibre diffusor in the rear apron.

Sublime interior ambience with special appointments

The superbly styled interior also makes an impressive statement: the CL 65 AMG "40th Anniversary" features two-tone EXCLUSIVE PASSION all-nappa-leather upholstery with the new AMG V12 diamond pattern, a colour-coordinated Alcantara roof lining and embossed V12 logos on the front head restraints. The airbag unit of the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel is also covered in nappa leather. High-quality trim elements made from genuine carbon fibre add a decidedly sporty touch. The "40th Anniversary" lettering on the centre console confirms the elite character of this new coupé and, at the same time, serves as a reminder of the incomparable history of AMG. Further evidence of the model's highly exclusive nature is provided by the "one out of 40" badge on the hand-rest of the COMAND controller.

In addition to these special highlights, the anniversary coupé model boasts an extremely extensive standard specification. This includes features such as proximity control, ambient lighting, DISTRONIC PLUS including Parking Guidance, Night View Assist, reversing camera, ski bag, auxiliary heating and an analogue/digital TV tuner.
Designed by the specialists of the AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO, which was set up in 2006, the limited-edition CL 65 AMG "40th Anniversary" V12 coupé belongs to the exclusive "Editions" category of vehicles.